koda keyboard - 4x12 grid using kailh lp switches and Family 13 keycaps

Are Signature LP Family 13 keycaps are a viable solution for kailh low profile switches? Here are some of the issues:

1) The Family 13 keycap stems were designed for cherry ML, which is .2mm wider than kailh low profile switches. However, this leads the keycaps to pinch the kailh switch housing, so it actually works better than expected.

2) The Family 13 keycap contacts the top side of the kailh low profile switch, which can be a detriment depending on one's typing style and fingertip sensitivity.

3) The spacing is different; Family 13 keycaps were designed as replacements for the Cherry G84-series, meaning that they are 18x18mm. So any boards designed specifically for kailh keycaps, which are 17.5mm x 18.5mm, are incompatible. Any boards that are standard 1u (combined mx/alps/choc footprint) should work, but the keycaps will have gaps and will be slightly offset.

Testing a switch by itself is not a representative test. Thus the Koda keyboard was made for science.

koda keyboard with preferred layout

glamour shot with the standard layout - color codes BFJ and NN
So what's it like? The keyfeel at the bottom of the keycap is not crisp and clean due to the contact with switch housing, but functionally they work. The best description I have is "muted". Personally, I don't mind it at all since I prefer clicky switches for typing. However, fans of linear switches who use their keyboards for gaming might find bottoming out a bit vague in keyfeel.

In the end, whether or not this is a viable solution is going to be a personal call. From a functional standpoint, Signature Plastics LP Family 13 keycaps are compatible with kailh low profile switches.

Gerber and QMK code is on github if you want to try it yourself, along with my other boards.

koda has no leds. two extra data pins with GND and VCC were broken out for RGB underlighting. 

diodes were soldered on the underside of the keyboard

ultra-low mill max sockets were used

I had to redo a diode top-side due to the ultra low sockets - taller sockets probably won't have this problem

that's tight! 5mm spacers will do the trick without RGB lighting
socketed pro micro

kailh whites for modifiers, and novelkeys pale blue for alphas

23 mm from top of keycap to bottom of bumper - m2 screws/spacers